Scoutmaster patch

The Scoutmaster is the adult responsible for working directly with the Scouts providing direction, coaching, and support. The Scoutmaster has three basic roles:

  1. Providing the junior leaders with the tools and skills, so they can run the troop
  2. Making sure the rules of the BSA and chartered partner are followed
  3. Being a good mentor and positive role model
1914Arthur W. Miller
1915Rollin Hills M.D.
1919Carlos A. Fellin (Troop 23B)
1919E. Huling Woodworth
1923Robert Windorf
1925Chris Groos
1931Harry Benson
1932Alfred T. Stenstrom
1942Earland Sandstrom
1944Harry Benson
1947Ernest C. Mann
1948John O’Sullivan
1949Edwin G. Erdman
1951Thomas R. Sheridan
1952Francis Quinn
1953John J. Malogoli
1956Thomas Van Pelt
1961John A. Yates
1964James F. Clark
1968Robert Gilroy
1969Robert Brunner
1974Donald LaSala
1976William Sbarbaro
1979Stuart Nemkowitz
1987Ken Hood
1989John Vesey
1996Stuart Nemkowitz
1997Edgar Osmundsen
1997Steve Blase
1998Barbara Kondash
1999John Vesey
2000Mike Conrad
2001Dave Coleman
2001James Slovin
2002Ken Hood
2008Tom Kramer
2013Gene Hart (see Interview)
2018 — PresentSherman Wong


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