End of Year Court of Honor

When and Where

When: June 24, 2024
Timeline: 7:00 pm — 8:30 pm

Location: Our Lady of Angels / Auditorium

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A Court of Honor is a formal event in the Boy Scouts of America designed to recognize and celebrate the achievements of scouts within a troop. This important ceremony honors the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments of scouts, whether they have earned new ranks, merit badges, or special awards.

It is an opportunity for scouts, leaders, parents, and community members to come together and celebrate the troop's collective progress and success.

Each scout who has earned a new rank or merit badge is called forward by name. The scoutmaster or another troop leader presents the award, and the scout may be asked to say a few words about their achievement. This process continues until all recognitions have been awarded. In addition to rank advancements and merit badges, special awards such as the Scout Spirit Award or leadership positions may also be acknowledged.

In our Court of Honor ceremonies, we also incorporate multimedia presentations, such as slideshows or videos, to showcase our recent activities and adventures. These presentations provide a visual recap of the scouts' hard work and memorable experiences. 

During the Court of Honor, we also present our plan for the upcoming scout year, which aligns with the academic calendar. This segment includes an overview of scheduled events, activities, and goals for the year ahead. Additionally, we introduce new leaders and announce the positions of responsibility, ensuring that everyone is aware of the troop's leadership structure and the scouts who will be taking on key roles. This helps set the stage for a successful and well-organized year of scouting.

We will continue our tradition of concluding the Court of Honor with a reception featuring food and beverages provided by the scouts and their parents. This potluck-style gathering offers a wonderful opportunity for everyone to socialize, celebrate the scouts' achievements, and strengthen the sense of community within our troop. It's a cherished part of the event that brings everyone together in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Recognition Ceremony

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