End of Year Family Trip


When and Where

When: June 14-15, 2024, 3:00 pm — 11:00 pm
Nights: 1

Location: Hersheypark Camping Resort

Yes, you are reading it correctly.  For our last trip of the 2023-2024 scout year, we will be going to visit Hersheypark (in lieu of the annual rafting trip). For those who are not familiar with it, Hersheypark is described as a family theme park.  In my opinion, it is simply the best amusement park. It is family oriented and clean, which is what you would expect from the Hershey Family, Foundation, etc. 


- by EOD Saturday, 6/1/24.  
- The Troop needs to commit with a non refundable payment by EOD Sunday, 6/2/24.  
- RSVP, whether you are going or not,  by emailing or texting SM Wong (7185416006)

What is there to do:
- Rides for all
- Games for all
- Waterpark for all
- This is all about FUN. Scouts have done so much over the past year; this is about them having FUN.
- No cooking by youth but managed by adults so Scouts can maximize on enjoying the park and each other. 
- Continue unwavering commitment to the Patrol Method, Scout Oath, Scout Law, etc. 

- Scouts - I expect all scouts to jump on this rare opportunity
- Scouters - We need as much leadership as possible to provide transportation and ensure safety, especially in such a crowded environment
- Parents - Yes, we need your help and support, that includes transportation, etc. it's all about our Scouts. Note that for an adult to camp overnight with the troop, you need to be Registered, which includes background check, with Scouting America. Otherwise, you can find other accommodations at or near the park.
- Siblings - Sure but we ask that you prioritize our Scouts in terms of ensuring transportation. Thanks for understanding.  

- $95 per person, exactly charged by the park.  
- One night tent camping at Hersheypark Camping Resort®* • One admission to Hersheypark • One Hersheypark Meal Ticket valid inside Hersheypark • FREE Front gate shuttle service to Hersheypark • Enjoy FREE extra evening and morning hours to Hersheypark • Commemorative Patch 
- Does not include other meals, drinks, etc. (see below Meals)

- Depart as soon as possible on Friday, June 14th. 
- Included in the package (at no extra charge) is the ability to visit the park from 5 PM to 8 PM Friday evening.  
- Tent for the night

Main Day:
- On Saturday, June 15th, the park opens at 11 AM for the general public.
- Included in the package (at no extra charge) is the ability to enter the park 1 hour earlier.  Minimal crowds.
- We will pack up the tent site and vehicles before we head out

- On Saturday, June 15h, we will drive back home after a long day of fun. 
- Expect drivers to find a way to rest up during the day.
- Passengers will likely pass out on the ride home.

- Breakfast and lunch: Adult leaders and parents to plan and execute 
- Included with the fee, we will agree on dinner venue inside Herheypark.
- No outside food or drink (other than an unopened bottle of water) is allowed inside. However, there is a picnic area outside of the park that we will use. 
- This is an extra cost that we will have to determine and allocate to participants. 


Last updated on June 07, 2024