OLA Clothing Drive

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When and Where

When: May 26, 2024
Timeline: 9:00 am — 12:00 pm

Location: Our Lady of Angels / 4th Ave.

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The church has requested our service in front of OLA from 9 AM to noon. Providing service is a core part of what we do. This is a great opportunity for us to connect with our local community.

The OLA clothing drive is an event organized by the Our Lady of Angles church where people are encouraged to collect any of their clothing they don't need anymore, bring it down to the church, and donate it to charity.

Whenever a Clothing drive comes around, the troop always helps collect the clothes, since it is a great way to give back to the community and earn service hours!

Scouts will greet donors, accept their clothing donations, and load them onto the van. It’s an easy service opportunity that is visible to our immediate community and greatly appreciated by Father Abels, who greatly supports our group. We must have scouts volunteering here as well. 

For those not attending this weekend's camping trip, please provide service for the clothing drive that is scheduled to occur this Sunday morning. Your assistance is needed to help greet donors and help load the donations onto the van. It's a relative easy service opportunity and very visible to our local community. Mr. Kramer and Mr. Sandor will be there to provide YPT and to take attendance. 

Please be proactive and inform your PL when you can be there and for how long. Be responsive when they reach out to you. We will be recording the service hours you complete. (Remember that there are never enough service hours.)

Required attire either Class A or Class B, which includes green pants. (No sweats, jeans, etc.)

Community Service

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