Relay for Life Service


When and Where

When: June 08, 2024
Timeline: 3:00 pm — 9:00 pm

Location: Parkville Baseball field

Parkville Baseball field
854 65th Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11220
Coordinates(i): 40.631786289619°, -74.012049436569°
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We do plenty of service, and each one is unique. This particular event benefits the American Cancer Society, a truly worthy cause. Participating in this wonderful opportunity allows you to see the direct impact you can have on people with a Good Turn. 

Please come, even if only for a short amount of time.

The local organizers, who are community service leaders in Bay Ridge, have specifically requested Troop 23's assistance. You can learn more about the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and its mission on their Relay for Life page. For details about the specific event happening on Saturday, June 8th, please visit this event page.

ATTIRE: Class B with Troop 23 t-shirt

Additionally, please make sure to complete the required waiver form before attending the event.


Pretty simple. We will help with the luminaria. These are paper bags with a lit candle inside each. (Yes, we will work with fire!) The bags are adorned with hopeful messages and remembrance for those who were afflicted by cancer. When these are lit, it is a cool and inspiring sight. You can read more about the impact of luminaria here.


We need Scouts and adults for two teams. 

Team A 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Team B 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. 

If you are addicted to providing service, you are free to stay for the entirety. Equally important, parents are free to support our volunteers with donations of drink, food and cash money:) (For those needing advancement test, adult leaders will be made available.)

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