Summer Camp

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When and Where

When: Jun 30 - Jul 6, 2024, 9:30 am — 3:00 pm
Nights: 6

Location: Yawgoog Scout Reservation, Camp Sandy Beach

Our annual Summer Camp event is just around the corner! This is possibly one of the biggest and most important events in the entire scout year. This is a week-long trip, in our case to Yawgoog Scout Reservation, on which you are presented with a variety of different activities and merit badge classes.

This is the fourth year our troop is going to this summer camp, the last time being in 2023.


Sunday, June 30, 2024

9:30 am leave from OLA
1:30 pm check-in time
2:45 pm (or 2:15 pm) picture time
4:15 pm swim test 

Saturday, July 06, 2024

7:30 am breakfast
9:00 am leave
Visit USS Nautilus
3 pm arrive to OLA

Yawgoog Scout Reservation

Yawgoog Scout Reservation is a 1,800-acre reservation for scouting located in Rockville, Rhode Island, and operated by the Narragansett Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Founded in 1916, Yawgoog is the fifth-oldest Boy Scout camp in the United States.

Yawgoog is divided into three separate Camps: Camp Three Point, Camp Medicine Bow, and Camp Sandy Beach. All three camps share reservation program facilities. For example, the Nature Center is located in Camp Three Point, but is available to all Scouts on the Reservation. Each Camp has its own traditions: a color, songs, and cheers, but all three Camps offer the same opportunities to Scouts. The atmosphere of healthy Camp competition is a unique aspect of the Yawgoog experience.

Official site:

🅿️ The exact parking location is shown on the map below.

Sandy Beach Parking, Camp Yawgoog
61 Camp Yawgoog Road
Hopkinton, RI, 02873
Coordinates(i): 41.524756473892°, -71.778692007065°
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Summer Camp Information and Medical Form

For all attending summer camp-If you have not applied for a campership go to to the parents' section and apply. For those who have applied and received notification of campership please forward notification to Mr. Kramer.

⚠️ Complete medicals (doctor's visit) are due June 15th.

All medicals are to be submitted digitally thru CampDocs. Those that attended camp last year can use the same login credentials (username and password) for camp docs. All new attendees should have received an invitation e-mail to register in CampDocs. This invitation e-mail will be from CampDocs or Narragansett Council. 

Plese check junk or spam files for this e-mail and please inform me if you have received an e-mail. Note: You also must submit a hard copy of the complete medical.

For those that have an account in CampDocs the information that I have received is that you go to your profile and all information has been "saved" from last year and use the edit button and make any changes required and press save. If there no changes required, you still must click the save button. You may have received an e-mail form Narragansett Council BSA via CampDocs stating that documents are missing. Please inform me if you have indeed received this e-mail.

⚠️ Final payment for summer camp is due on May 27th.

Attached is the Yawgoog code of honor, this must be signed by Scout and parent and must be submitted well before departure on June 30th.

Any questions or concerns please contact Mr. Kramer.

What to Pack

The camp will be a week-long, so keep that in mind when packing.

You may also check the official Camp YAWGOOG packing list.

Advancement Goals

Earning merit badges (MB) during summer camp is a crucial aspect of scouting, offering scouts the opportunity to develop new skills, gain valuable knowledge, and work towards higher ranks. Summer camp provides an ideal environment to focus on these badges, thanks to the concentrated time and resources available. 

For a comprehensive list of merit badges available at this year's summer camp and their prerequisites, please visit the official Yawgoog site

(!) This year they added MB's Horsemanship, Ice Skating, and Electricity.

Additionally, you can access a locally saved PDF file with specific details about the merit badges offered in 2024.


Camping Advancement Swimming Competition

Last updated on June 28, 2024