TMR Shooting Sports Weekend

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When and Where

When: April 26-28, 2024, 6:30 pm — 2:00 pm
Nights: 2

Location: Ten Mile River Scout Camps / Lakeside Lean-Tos Site B

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Our participation in last year's event, organized by this esteemed committee, was a remarkable experience that allowed us to embrace the core values of scouting and shooting sports. Breaking from our tradition of camping at Keowa for the past several years, this time we opted for a change within the same camp, arriving a week earlier to set up at the Lakeside Lean-Tos Site B.

This one of the most popular events of the year, surely a favorite of Troop 23. Normally the entire troop participates.

Nestled along the shores of Crystal Lake, these three lean-tos represent the newest campsite addition at TMR. The Lakeside Lean-Tos stand out for their size, offering ample space that allows even adult campers to comfortably step in, stand up, and move around. Their location right on the water's edge not only guarantees stunning sunrises but also provides hours of entertainment for those who love fishing. 

While the site doesn’t have a local water source, requiring units to bring their own water, its convenience and proximity to Lakeside Tent and Suanhacky Lodge make it an excellent choice for groups in need of additional sleeping accommodations. 

Almost exact location is on the map. 

Lakeside Lean-Tos
Coordinates(i): 41.624168672582°, -74.909720420837°
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About this event

Founded in 2008 as an augmentation of the Shooting Sports Committee of Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America, by a dedicated group of Scouters to foster and promote shooting sports by educating the public, especially our youth, and promoting safety and ethics. 

All members are BSA and NRA Certified Range Safety Officers and or Firearms Instructors.

Age-appropriate ranges. There will be Archery, BB Gun for all, Rifle for 12yo and up, Shotgun, and the new Cowboy Action for 14yo and up. This is a pre-registered event. All fees and permission slips must be in by Monday March 4th.

What to bring

It should be relatively warm during the trip so no need to pack a very warm coat. Besides the shooting, this will be a standard camping trip, so bring a tent.

Activities and opportunities

There will be shooting of ranged weaponry including 22CAL rifles, 20 GA shotguns, 50 cal Muzzle Loading Rifle, BB guns, and archery, etc.

If you qualify you can also compete in competitions that can get you awards. There is an award for every activity type at the event, as well as one for the most fish caught.

Camping Competition

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