TMR Winter Camping Trip

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When and Where

When: February 16-18, 2024, 6:30 pm — 3:00 pm
Nights: 2

Location: Ten Mile River Scout Camps / Health Lodge

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This is our annual fun trip. It takes place at TMR Scout Reservation-Monticello NY. The Troop will be winter camping in a large cabin, winter hiking, winter activities, and snow tubing.


Friday: Meet at OLA at 6:30 PM to pack the cars and leave at 7 PM.

Saturday & Sunday: Wake up and eat breakfast (all food will be cooked by the adults) and do whatever we have planned for the day, which includes a day hike and snow tubing. 

Tubing this weekend at Villa Roma will take place this Saturday from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. As you know, the ski area requires a separate waiver in addition to the trip permission form from the troop. 

ACTIVITIES: The adults provide the transportation, food, etc., the rest is up to you. Plan to be engaging and inclusive. Be prepared with games, snacks, other drinks, etc. Adults have organized snow tubing late Saturday afternoon and TMR Museum on Sunday AM. So make preparations for snacks, other beverages, etc. Oh, remember that “sharing is caring”. Using your phone is NOT an appropriate activity. Bring cards, board games, skits, etc.

NO TENT: Unless you want to challenge yourself by sleeping outside in the cold, you will be sleeping in the warm cabin and enjoying the symphony that invariably occurs during sleep. You will only be permitted to sleep in the tent if we believe you are fully prepared. 


ESSENTIALS: You still need to bring a proper attire, backpack, sleeping bag, mess kits (with cup), toiletries, sleepwear, water bottle, skit, etc. Also, bring your backpacking stove if you have access to one. 

PROPER ATTIRE: TMR is cold! We will be outside! You must be prepared with warm clothing, hat, gloves, and winter boots for snow tubing. Think outer shell that blocks the wind. Think base layer that wicks moisture. Think additional layer that retains your body heat. Extremities (hands, feet and head) are most vulnerable. Ski pants are ideal. In case your shoes get wet, you should have a second pair. Please take this seriously because this is about your health. Reminder that prevention and mitigations of risk minimize the need to test your first-aid and hurry case skills. Other than when you are sleeping, you are either wearing Class A or Class B. We travel in Class A.

RETURN: To OLA. Exact time is difficult to project. Scouts to contact parents during the drive back.

TMR, Health Lodge
Coordinates(i): 41.5802295°, -74.9468829°
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Villa Roma Tubing adventure
41 Polster Road
Callicoon, NY, 12723
Coordinates(i): 41.7638199°, -74.9691562°
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What to pack

Historian's notes

A few days ago was the end of the Fun Trip (February 16th-18th). After arriving at the cabin, we unpacked and unloaded everything and went to sleep. Waking up we had an amazing breakfast catered to us by the Adults and eventually, we visited the TMR museum. Throughout our visit, we completed a quiz, interviewed staff, and played piano! Afterwards, we went on a 2-mile hike accompanied by Cup Noodles through a light snowfall. While heading back to the Cabin, we decided to go sledding down the hills nearby. When we finished, it was time for snow tubing. This year we had a different place compared to past fun trips, yet it was very much still a blast! Many of us were wiped out and we all did crazy formations that left a memorable sentiment regarding this trip. Finally, we had a nice dinner followed by campfire skits. This trip's skits were a bit unorthodox compared to others but we managed to all have good fun before heading back to OLA.

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